The Art Of Slicing Kids

A giant egg slicer - bought at auction for £63,000 - is said to be big enough for a child to climb on to and is art from Palestinian artist Mona Hatoum. Slicer (1999) will be part of Choice: 21 Years of Collecting for Scotland, an art show in honour of the departing director of the National Galleries of Scotland. "What she tends to do is use ordinary, everyday things and dramatically change the size of them. They very often have an extraordinarily threatening edge to them", said Sir Timothy Clifford. The senior curator at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, believes the work is an important landmark in contemporary British art. He said: "Her style is characterised by forms and materials that evoke feelings of intimacy and familiarity while simultaneously suggesting the possibility of danger. In Slicer, Hatoum massively enlarges an egg slicer so it is the perfect fit, not for an egg, but for a child. The sculpture alludes to the fragility of the human body." For the full story - click the title Irish Art