Picasso's "banal legal" Row

It's not quite a coffee house debate on the merits of cubism over his blue period, but the battle between Picasso's family and a car maker over a vehicle's name has finally been resolved. Five members of the late artist's family claimed there was too much risk of confusion between the trademark "Picasso", which has been licensed to Citro├źn, and "Picaro", a name that DaimlerChrylser had tried to register as a trademark. But the family lost in the European court of justice in Luxembourg. An earlier appeal criticised the commercialisation of the great artist's name, expressing dismay that it should be caught up in such a "banal legal matter". The Picasso name is controlled by the Picasso Administration in Paris run by Claude Ruiz Picasso, one of the litigants. He is one of four children the painter had to three different women.