The Wrong Gallery

The Wrong Gallery was conceived by the Italian prankster artist Maurizio Cattelan and two friends, and opened in New York's Chelsea district in October 2002. It consisted of an average-sized glass door with only one square metre of exhibition space behind it. "The Wrong Gallery is the back door to contemporary art," said its founders with more than a hint of irony, "and it's always locked." Typical of the art exhibitions were signs saying that it was closed, or a sculpture of a baby in an abandoned car outside. But, last July, the Wrong Gallery was evicted. Since December, it has taken up temporary residence on the third level of Tate Modern. The mini Wrong Gallery is just 18in high and is now on sale. Made of resin, glass, aluminium and steel with electric lighting, it costs £700, plus VAT. "Open the door, turn on the light, install a work and become the curator you always imagined you could be," reads the sales blurb. For the full story - click the title Irish Art