Chinese Art People Exhibited

Reuters reports that a Chinese artist will bring 1,001 of his compatriots to Germany to spend months wandering around the city of Kassel as live-exhibits for his entry to a leading modern art show. Ai WeiWei's "Fairytale" artwork will cost 3.1 million euros (2.1 million pounds), the most expensive project of this year's "documenta" exhibition, a spokesman for the event said. The live-exhibits will have no set programme or commitments during their stay although they will be encouraged to visit the city's sights, interact with locals and ponder other, more static "documenta" exhibits. The show, which runs from June 16 to September 23, is one of the world's most important modern art exhibitions. It was first held in 1955 and runs every five years. The participants, who will arrive during the course of the exhibition in batches of 200, will stay overnight in a converted factory and be filmed for a documentary the artist is making. Ai plans to cook for his performers during their stay. (For full source and article click the Headline). Irish Art