Banksy Backs Ken Livingstone

Secretive graffiti artist Banksy is among more than 20 artists who have donated work to raise cash for Ken Livingstone's mayoral election campaign. Banksy, who has become a favourite of celebrities including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, is supporting Livingstone's bid to keep his job in the May election. Banksy's art work will go on sale in March alongside art pieces from Antony Gormley, who created the Angel of the North, and Jeremy Deller, who won the Turner art prize in 2004. The art works will be sold at auction at the Aquarium art Gallery in Farringdon next month, with all proceeds going towards Livingstone's campaign to secure a third term in the May 1 elections. Mr Livingstone, who was first elected as mayor in 2000, said: "London is a city where the arts flourish. "Artists in all fields make a central contribution to how we see our city and our society as a whole, and I am delighted that so many fantastic artists are willing to contribute in this practical way to helping keep London on a progressive and forward-thinking path." (For full source and full article click the Headline). Irish Art