An Art fairy tale. The Boy. The Paints. The dosh.

Once upon a time the mum and dad of a little 10 year old boy called K made a decision. K would be "home taught" from now on so he can give all his time to his painting. What! I hear you say. Painting? A 10 year old boy. Oh, yes indeedy.
A nice man who owns a gallery must have been very happy to hear that news. '"People just cannot believe that he is producing work like he does and he is still only 10 years old" he told a nice lady reporter called Suzannah.
Little K's art pics "came onto the market in 2009." That's what grown ups call "sold" you know. And they flew away for £14,000. What a lot of pocket money he must have got that week!
But wait. There's more. Lady luck must have decided to squat on little K's shoulder for an awful long time. BECAUSE - three months later - another 16 of his paintings were gobbled up by collector monsters for £17,000. Wait. Wait. Then 33 more sold in half an hour for £150,000 with collector monsters flying on broomsticks from America and South Africa. (Ask mummy to show you where they are on a map if you like…)
Then someone must have sprinkled fairy dust on K's little brushes! He made £106,260 in November 2011 when 12 more paintings sold out in just 10 minutes and 50 seconds! Hurrah! His pocket money soared into the sky! Then - another £250,000 last July - with the sale of 24 more of K's pictures. Keep sprinkling that dust my man…
K's mummy and daddy woke up every morning singing with joy for little K. They say he only paints when he wants to and is not interested in the money. Of course he is not. And his mommy and daddy are not interested in it either I'm sure. They just want little K to play with his school friends and have a wonderful, normal childhood being home schooled and painting his little fingers to the bone.
Somebody MUST have lived happily ever after. I just can quite figure out who. Can you? Anyone? Hold your hand up.
Surely somebody knows the answer...

It must be a fairy tale. It can't be true. I hear my artist friends all over the world cheering in their studios as they burn their old stretchers and paint brushes to keep warm...

Check out the full true story by Suzannah Hills for the Mail Online (