Art guru Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson to divorce

In happier times...
That quintessential maker of artists careers - 70 year old Charles Saatchi - announced he is divorcing his internationally famous TV celebrity chef wife, Nigella Lawson after a 10 year marriage. Photos that seemed to show the artist's guru with his hands round her throat at a London restaurant can't have helped. Apparently both are smokers so were at an outside table and therefore prey to passing "snappers". Things had not been right for a while and Saatchi wisely decided to take a police caution and walk away from possible assault charges. Nigella Lawson has made no comment about the incident since it occurred.
Saatchi is famous as an art collector who can "pick" emerging artists and accelerate their art careers to great heights. In 2010 he gave over 200 art works and his Chelsea art gallery to the nation. How they carve up their assets and the families art collection will no doubt hold the tabloid interest for art collectors, artists and the great British public alike.
Photo: The Telegraph Newspaper.