Irish artists - "Between Two Worlds"

David Crone, Mark McGreevy and Dougal McKenzie exhibit in "Between Two Worlds" at the F E McWilliam Gallery until august. Crone is the most famous of these three irish artists and carries with him the respect, not only of collectors of Irish art, but of his peers amongst the larger community of Irish artists. Crone does not court "fame" - had he done so many believe his reputation would be very much more widespread than it is. “When I stand in front of a David Crone,” the poet Michael Longley wrote, “I think of windows and mirrors, an interplay of reflections that brings the outdoors inside and, beyond the glass, the indoors outdoors.”I am personally fortunate to own two works by David Crone - a 48"x48" oil and a smaller tree study - and they would be high on the list of "carry-outs" if the homestead was ever on fire. Crone's influence has spread through teaching, and in particular during his spell as a lecturer at the University of Ulster where a number of young Irish artists fell under the spell of his exceptional talent.
This show ends on the 31 August 2013. Irish art collectors would be wise not to miss this one.